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How Raqam International Compete with Bigger Companies

How do you compare to big competitors? What makes Raqam International different and special?

Packaging manufacturers in the Middle East are facing disruption, both in terms of how they do business and opening up new markets. One packaging manufacturer under the spotlight is Riyadh-based Raqam International, a dynamic company that’s doing its best to keep pace with changing trends and demands. Khalid Aziz Shah, MD of Raqam International tells Packaging MEA Editor Ben Daniel how the company competes with bigger competitors, and why difficulties in Saudi business affected them less than others. He told more about how Raqam International is fighting back against disruption and why size doesn’t mean everything.

He says that brand owners do not strive to introduce anything new. Instead, they follow others with minimal product changes at a very low cost. Brand owners with good products have not been able to keep up with this strategy.

“Most label jobs do not fit into the wide web option, as they demand more volume. We can do smaller volumes in much faster times, and also more competitively. There’s no need to fight, because there is room for more opportunities. Hence, I say that Raqam International in an innovative company. We are trying to introduce something different within narrow web. Nobody can compete with us. If we have 20-30 customers, that should suffice. The packaging industry is vast. In Riyadh alone there are millions of customers”.

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